The story


Family business C&A has been successful for generations and a leader in the field of fashionable and affordable clothing. C&A has sustainable fashion as its standard as its vision. At the nine-month fair, C&A wants to present its sustainable character with a sustainable stand including sustainable materials.



A baby mobile above the playpen or the baby cot, often with sleep songs: we all know them. The concept for C&A is formed around the well-known baby mobile in the shape of clouds to establish the link with mother nature: hanging elements above the exhibition stand so that the stand becomes an eye-catcher at the nine-month fair, even from a great distance.


The starting point of C&A: a sustainable stand with sustainable materials that matches its vision and products. C&A uses organic cotton for their clothing line. Organic farming makes use of rotational cultivation: different crops are always grown on the same soil. In this way, the soil remains healthy and C&A creates strong crops that grow better. This sustainable look & feel has been included in the design design for the stand.


Together with C&A, we looked at the right connection with C&A’s sustainability objectives. The material plywood is reused.


Client C&A
Location Amsterdam
Exhibition 9 months tradeshow
Size 64 m2
Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution

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