Construction materials.


Specialist in construction.

Construction is booming! In the world of construction, key themes such as urbanisation, energy transition and innovation are taking on an increasingly important role. The construction industry is changing rapidly and the growing focus is continually on the environment and on new developments. The sector is ambitious, innovative, sustainable and, despite these challenging times, very future-oriented. And that is impressive! While you are busy helping to alleviate the housing shortage, you still have to wait for the green light to even get the space to build at all. There is a great demand for the fast-paced developments in construction but at the same time, there are delays due to the contributions that must be made to achieve the climate agreement. How do you make sure you provide added value to your client, and stay up-to-date on all the latest developments? How do you remain relevant, future-oriented and resilient?

We understand the need to think outside the box. Where your target group is located, knowing how to remain flexible in how you adapt to new regulations and being aware of the latest innovations in construction are more important than ever.

Trends & developments.

Trends and developments in the construction industry move fast, but the themes at play are causing resistance. The willingness to build is definitely present, except that the available space does not always allow for it. Accessibility, biodiversity and liveability in neighbourhoods must all be taken into account. This makes construction projects complex and time-consuming. On account of the climate agreement, construction nowadays invariably means building sustainably. A maximum degree of sustainability is being demanded in this. The technology, information systems and skills that are needed in construction are constantly evolving. Developments are fast-paced and must increasingly comply with such terminology as ‘cradle-to-cradle’ and ‘circular economy’.

What we can do for you.

At Tausch, we know better than anyone how good cooperation in the construction sector is accomplished. In addition to our temporary physical construction projects at events and trade fairs, we also bring a wealth of experience when it comes to building experience centres and office interiors. We are able to apply the experience gained from this expertise to the needs of our customers in the construction industry.

We are happy to help you mobilise your target groups and step by step get them thinking and stimulate their senses through the use of innovative trade fair or event concepts. Apart from that, we also like to help you think about other live forms of promotion such as roadshows, for example. We leave your consumers (and other players in the construction sector) in awe of your story!

We are proud to work for these brands in the construction industry.