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Consumer brands rule! Retail is alive. As a consumer brand, you are in the middle of a fascinating world that is changing at lightning speed. People shop and stock up, but also swap and recycle en masse. Online is growing and will continue to grow. You cannot afford to ignore this as a consumer brand, and especially since COVID-19, online purchases have risen explosively. But if it’s something you want, how do you manage to get consumers into your shop as well? And how do you get a consumer to commit to your brand at a time when they are more likely to switch brands and are less loyal? And how do you protect high value consumer products within the global supply chain? How do you make sure that your company is future-proof and flexible?

Trends & developments.

Consumers are overloaded with choices. They have less and less time, yet get information faster from everywhere, which means they are more critical and better informed than ever. The consumer sets high standards for materials: they must be stylish, practical and sustainable. And the product (and consequently the packaging) should be more of an experience. We go from transaction to attraction. The creation of memories takes precedence. Customers want to connect with a brand and identify with its social, environmental and sometimes political ideals. Transparency, values and ethics are core values that take centre stage.

In addition, these sustainable, aesthetically pleasing materials must be cost-effective for you as an organisation and comply with industry regulations. Enough challenges! Especially since the distance between the consumer products industry and the end consumer is getting smaller every day. How can your consumer brand offer the consumer not only the products but also the experience they crave at the right time in the right place?

What we can do for you.

By creating a brand experience, we increase customer engagement with sales empowerment as a result. We provide that extra edge that makes your brand stand out at a trade fair, event or any other form of live promotion. How do we do this? Our Tausch approach comprises four clear steps: Think Design Manage Build. It all starts with a rock-solid strategy, ambitious goals and a creative concept so that the space will contribute to the success of your consumer brand. Because consumers want to identify with the social, environmental and political ideals of a brand, we zoom in on your goals, core values, corporate culture and the positioning you want and help you translate this into an experience. We do this with a unique concept that allows us to make your brand stand out! An in-depth look at your brand identity and research into the style of your future space provides something tangible on the way to the first sketches in the design process. We share our vision on the space with customer journey-based floorplans and 3D renders. A detailed furnishing plan completes the space and also provides you with enough options to decide on a final concept. After approval of the design, we can take care of the rest for you, within the specified timelines and the budget with set tasks. In cooperation with the professionals in the workshop, they provide the perfect preparations for a trade fair, and thanks to our own fleet of vehicles, we are able to organise the logistics in-house. We help you from insight to success. This is how you mobilise consumers and inspire them to buy your product!

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