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Retail is alive! But how do you make sure you stand out from your competition? As a consumer brand you find yourself in a fascinating world that is constantly changing. Tausch likes to exceed expectations and thinks along with you how you can respond to this. See us as your external bonus colleagues! We dive into your world, into the world of consumer brands. We want the maximum result for your exhibition. Every brand is unique. Tausch is happy to show you what makes your brand distinctive.

Give us a space and we will translate it into a creative, impressive stand design that conveys the essence of your brand. With more than 50 years of experience, the consumer brands industry is not a stranger to us.


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What we can do for you.

By creating a brand experience, we increase customer engagement, resulting in sales empowerment. We provide that extra push that makes your brand stand out at an exhibition, event or other form of live communication.

How we do that? Our Tausch approach consists of four clear steps: Think Design Manage Build. It starts with a strong strategy, ambitious goals and a creative concept so that the space contributes to the success of your consumer brand. Because the consumer wants to identify with the social, ecological and political ideals of a brand, we zoom in on your objectives, core values, company culture and desired positioning and help you translate this into an experience. We do this with a unique concept that makes your brand stand out! We help you from insight to success. This way you get the consumer moving and inspire them to buy your product!

We are proud to work for these brands in the consumer sector.