Food & Beverages.


Specialist in food.

The food sector gets more tantalising every day and is expanding all the time. From fresh juices, alcoholic beverage concepts, vegan food, 3D printed food, healthy food concepts, meat substitutes, food truck festivals, meal boxes to sustainable initiatives. Food concepts are sprouting up all over the place, and consumers are savouring them all. But how can you make your food (or beverage) product stand out from all the other concepts?

We understand the need to think outside the box. Where your target audience is located, what they eat and drink and how they think and behave is more important than ever.

Trends & developments.

Trends and developments come and go within the food branch. The environment is increasingly being taken into account in dietary patterns (meat or no meat?) Today’s consumers are more concerned with quality and fresh food, but they also often opt for what’s most convenient too. People are willing to pay for unique, personal experiences. But when it comes to daily groceries, people tend to keep their wallets in mind. Besides, more and more, food these days needs to tell a story. Where does my food come from? How is it produced? The impact on the environment, more consideration for animal welfare, less waste and fair trade are matters that are being valued more and more.

Consumers are continuously being tempted, both offline in cooking shows, cookbooks and magazines, but also online, especially on instagram. Finger-licking good food photography. The visual image determines the flavour and is just as important as the quality of the food. Something that looks good stimulates the senses and boosts sales. Packaging also plays a major role. How can you stand out and create a stronger brand experience?

What we can do for you.

In the food branch, everyone wants to put the most delicious food content out there. From wholesalers, supermarkets and restaurants to suppliers and producers. We provide that extra edge that makes your brand stand out at a trade fair, event or any other form of live promotion. How do we do this? Our Tausch approach comprises four clear steps: Think Design Manage Build. It all starts with a rock-solid strategy, ambitious goals and a creative concept so that the space contributes to the success of a food & beverages concept. We zoom in on your goals, core values, company culture and the positioning you want and help you translate this into an experience. We do this with a unique concept that allows us to make your brand stand out!

An in-depth look at your brand identity and research into the style of your future space provides something tangible on the way to the first sketches in the design process. We share our vision on the space with customer journey-based floorplans and 3D renders. A detailed furnishing plan completes the space and also provides you with enough options to decide on a final concept. After approval of the design, we can take care of the rest for you, within the specified timelines and the budget with set tasks. In cooperation with the professionals in the workshop, they provide the perfect preparations for a trade fair, and thanks to our own fleet of vehicles, we are able to organise the logistics in-house. We are more than happy to help you whet the appetites of your target group, bite by bite and step by step, through innovative, appetising trade fair or event concepts.

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