Specialist in healthcare.

To say that the impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare system is huge is an understatement. As a result, the sector has long been operating at the limits of its capabilities and its vulnerabilities have become evident. While the demand for care is increasing, staff shortages continue to be widespread, accessibility and quality of care are under pressure and healthcare costs continue to soar. Patients are becoming more outspoken and more critical. Fortunately, there are some positive developments happening in the market that offer perspective. Technological developments offer solutions and collaborations are on the rise. How do you capitalise on this as a company? How can you show that you have a solution for the current problems? And how do you show in a way that stands out, that you are a valuable partner who does have a solution?

Trends & developments.

Virtual healthcare is being made use of more and more. For example, the use of VR has been shown to help with pain management as well as reduce the use of painkillers. You notice an increase in collaborations for the development of vaccines and therapies. These collaborations and increasing digital innovations are challenging governments, healthcare providers, the payers and stakeholders around the world to innovate at a faster pace. In order to stay up-to-date it is crucial to be flexible and future-proof. This is in stark contrast to the long-term work pressure due to exceptional situations like COVID and rising healthcare issues. The explosion of collected data is providing more opportunities to tap into this. Behaviour, symptoms and vital signs can be remotely monitored in patients. Wearables are increasingly contributing to home care and digital has become the new normal.

What we can do for you.

In recent years, we have helped several healthcare companies to create brand experiences that allowed them to increase their customer engagement. We would love to help you inspire your target groups with an amazing trade fair or event concept. With the help of our Tausch approach, we take a critical look at your organisation and zoom in on the identity of your brand. We help you think about how to respond to the rapidly changing market and how to best present the added value that you offer. Healthcare poses many challenges but we (just as you do hopefully you) prefer to see the opportunities! We will help you respond to these challenges with a strategic trade fair concept.

We are proud to work for these brands in the healthcare sector.