Specialist in industry.

The industrial sector (also known as the secondary sector) is the economic sector that manufactures finished products for the primary sector. Which can then be used in the construction, food, and manufacturing industries. From process to production and the fabrication of materials. The industrial sector is an all-encompassing sector for products that you and I use every day. The phone you are holding, the loaf of bread in the bakery or the meat in the supermarket. None of this would have happened without this industrial sector.

Trends & developments.

Smart Industry, robotisation and process innovations are just some of the disruptive trends that we see a lot of within the industrial sector. Trends that ensure that efficiency levels are optimised throughout the entire process. These include error reduction, shorter lead times and improvements to quality that improve the process so that more innovative products can be developed and new service models introduced. The industrial sector is constantly changing.

In order to sustain future economic growth, create employment opportunities and achieve a modern sustainable industry, it is very important to (continue to) be at the forefront and to accelerate investment in these ICT and new manufacturing technologies. Robotisation is also an essential part of this for improving the manufacturing and assembly processes. Not only is there a great need for improvements to productivity, but the wish expressed by consumers to be able to produce components efficiently from ‘local’ ecosystems is also becoming increasingly important.

What we can do for you.

In terms of trade fairs, the industrial sector is one of the powerhouses in this branch. In no other sector are there more trade fairs organised than in the industrial sector. Not surprising, when you consider that visitors really want to see these large machines and that every year, new innovations and developments need to be presented to the public. A traditional industry that is definitely moving with the times. More and more often we see our customers substituting the delivery of machines with a modern digital solution on the exhibition stand.

By combining this sector that has a traditional character with experience marketing, you are able to capture the full experience of the brand for your visitors and the message you want to convey. An experience that immerses that one visitor in the story of your brand so that when they go home, they are only thinking about the experience you gave them. That is what we do. We bring tomorrow’s technology to life today!

We are proud to work for these brands in industry.