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How can you ensure that your product stands out among all those technology brands? Tausch likes to exceed expectations and think along with you about how we can make your brand stand out. See us as your external bonus colleagues! We dive into your world, into the world of technology. We want the maximum result for your exhibition. Every brand is unique. Tausch is happy to show you what makes your brand distinctive in the technology industry.

Give us a space and we will translate it into a creative, impressive stand design that conveys the essence of your brand. By mixing technology with experience marketing, you get the full experience for the visitor. An experience that should ensure that that one visitor is immersed in the story of your brand. And when the visitor leaves the fair, he is engaged in the message you have given him. That’s what we do. We bring tomorrow’s technology to life today!

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Our headquarters is located on the edge of the technological epicenter of Europe; Brainport. As a result, our portfolio is richly filled with customers from the tech sector. An important step towards the exhibition is the presentation of new innovations that customers can see and feel. We help these companies to translate those innovations into a branded experience at the trade fair.

How we do that? Our Tausch approach consists of four clear steps: Think Design Manage Build. It starts with a strong strategy, ambitious goals and a creative concept so that the space contributes to the success of your technology brand. This results in a strategy-based design. One dedicated project manager provides expert advice and guidance throughout the entire process. Our enigneers are specialists when it comes to technical design. In cooperation with the professionals in the workplace, they provide the perfect preparations for a trade fair, and thanks to our own fleet of vehicles, we are able to organise the logistics in-house.


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