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Making ZERO the norm in stand construction.

The challenge.

It’s no secret: the stand construction industry hasn’t traditionally been a front-runner in sustainability. But times are changing. And fortunately, progressive companies like yours are taking responsibility for a smaller ecological footprint.

That’s why choosing the right partner is crucial in achieving your green goals. While some stand construction firms remain rooted in old ways, others are embracing the call for change, adopting innovative strategies for sustainability.

So when looking for stand builders, don’t just consider their expertise – consider their commitment to sustainability. Assess the company’s ambition, proactive approach to CO2 reduction, recycling, circularity and the use of rental elements and environmentally friendly materials. After all, it is our shared future that is at stake.

Sustainability in the exhibition industry: a necessary transition.

The traditional trade fair market plays a crucial role in the B2B sector, as a platform for connection, knowledge transfer, trade, education and employment. However, the environmental impact of this industry can no longer be ignored. Important areas of focus are the CO2 emissions of traveling participants, logistics, waste production in event locations and warehouses, and the use of materials for exhibition stands.

Understanding the environmental impact of stand construction is essential for the eco-conscious client. Your goal? A sustainable booth that reduces its ecological footprint through innovative methods and materials, lowering emissions and actively supporting a healthier planet. But at the same time, a successful stand that turns heads at trade fairs.

Let’s do both, and pave a greener path for the future of the stand construction industry.

Sustainable booth?

The transition to sustainability.

The exhibition industry is undergoing an important transition towards sustainability. Achieving this as an industry requires collective effort and action from all stakeholders. Implementing sustainable practices is no longer an optional endeavor, but rather an essential step to reduce environmental impact while future-proofing the industry.

A broad, industry-wide task force has conducted an in-depth study to identify the biggest environmental impacts and map out a more sustainable and low-carbon future.

A four step approach.

We’re here to help you navigate your way towards sustainable choices. With awareness, inspiring examples, and complete transparency in our decision-making, we’re committed to guiding you on your sustainability journey.

In four straightforward steps, we’ll lead you towards an environmentally-friendly stand.


Together, we dive deep into your ambitions and determine the sustainability goals of your stand. From CO2 reduction to the use of eco-friendly materials and energy efficiency. We identify what’s important to you. This forms the foundation of our partnership.



Our experienced designers craft a concept that merges visual allure with sustainability. By incorporating innovative, eco-friendly materials and techniques into the design, we ensure your stand doesn’t just look great, but also positively contributes to the environment.



We provide a comprehensive and transparent quote, detailing the costs, impact and benefits of your sustainable choices. You’ll gain financial clarity, understanding both the initial investment and potential long-term savings. from lower CO2 emissions to reusing materials.



Our team is by your side, ready to guide and advise on making conscious choices. We share our expertise, offer insights into the latest green advancements, and ensure you’re empowered to make informed decisions. Together, we can turn your sustainability ambitions into reality.


We’re transforming stand construction with sustainability at heart, showing that even traditional markets can change.

Our approach encompasses everything from emissions to material choices. Not just for the environment but also for your success, nurturing partnerships, and shaping a legacy that future generations can be proud of.

Our promise for sustainable stand construction.

4 steps to a sustainable booth.

Download our roadmap.

Embark on your journey towards a greener booth with our downloadable sustainability roadmap! This step-by-step guide outlines how you can make your stand more environmentally friendly and highlights areas where we can assist. Plus, we openly share the hurdles we encounter and our ideas to overcome them.

This guide not only offers valuable insights and proven strategies to make your brand stand out at trade shows, but also to contribute positively to our planet. Simply enter your email and hit download to start making a difference today!

Thank you for your commitment to sustainability and the stand’s impact on the environment. We salute that commitment and are eager to join you in exploring the possibilities.

Leave your details and receive our Sustainability Roadmap. Together, we can ignite positive change and elevate your booth to new sustainable heights.

Your goal

Transform your audience
through immersive brand experiences
with minimal environmental impact.

Transform your audience

Your goal is a customized brand experience that goes beyond surface-level engagement. Striving to deeply resonate with your audience, provoking meaningful connections and driving long-lasting behavioral change. By tailoring the experience to each individual, we aim to leave a lasting impact and inspire a shift in attitudes, beliefs and actions.

Immersive brand experiences

We believe in the power of immersing your audience in captivating brand encounters. Through cutting-edge design, multisensory elements, and interactive technologies, we craft experiences that transport the audience into the heart of your brand story. By creating an environment that stimulates their senses and emotions, we enhance engagement and foster a deep connection beween your audience and your brand.

Minimal environmental impact

Sustainability is integral to our approach. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our brand experiences. By incorporating sustainable practices, utilizing eco-friendly materials, and implementing resource-efficient solutions, we ensure that your brand’s experiences align with your commitment to sustainability.

Success cases.

Dive into some of our success stories where customers, driven by a clear sustainability mission, work with us to turn their vision into reality.

Get a closer look at the collaborative process, sustainable decision-making and the project’s execution. Explore how ambition and guidance can pave the way for successful, sustainable outcomes.

Building a better world for future generations every day. Intrinsically motivated and ready to make a difference with our team, our partners and our customers.

Tausch firmly believes that a sustainable vision is the only lasting way to achieve success together. We are eager to work towards a healthier future focusing on our approach to people, planet, and prosperity. Directly linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to ensure the right focus in our company.

Our mission

‘To be the most
sustainable partner
in the event and
exhibition industry’.


We ensure employees to work healthier, safer and with more fun. We believe that taking care of our employees translates into more successful clients.

And that belief also applies to clients and suppliers like you.


Reducing the impact on the environment: saving energy and raw materials, reducing CO2 emissions, minimizing residual waste. maximizing reuse of materials up to 80% and support climate compensation efforts.

And just as important, we help you make sustainable choices.


Establishing a trusted and durable network of partners, and aim for lasting client relationships. Including client relationships. Financial health, including >25% solvency and 8-10 EBITDA margins and social impact by reinvesting operational income and outsourcing work to partners abroad.

We are in it for the long run!

Proud of our partners.

Our close collaboration with the Climate Neutral Group, IFES, CLC-VECTA and Unilin ensures that we reduce our emissions and achieve our sustainability goals.