Interclean & Facilitair

The story


Black Satino / Wepa is an industry leader in the development of toilet hygiene solutions that contribute to a cleaner world and a better environment. Wepa confirmed this leading position at the Interclean and Facilitair trade fairs by presenting their design brand Satino Black for fully circular toilet facilities with maximum sustainability.



We wanted to create an experience that highlighted Satino Black’s unique characteristics (superior quality, modern design, and a sustainability frontrunner) as part of a creative concept that could be deployed multiple times.



Tausch created a Black Box in the Satino Black colours (black, orange, and white) as a stylish environment with stopping power. he design triggered visitors to step inside. The creative placement of products, packaging, and waste materials combined with audiovisual and fragrance communication stimulated the senses and completed the customer experience. BlackSatino highlighted its involvement in the circular economy in the Future Lab.



This proven first, second, and third-line approach took visitors on a thoughtfully-designed customer journey. After being welcomed by the hostess, visitors continued their journey from the information desk to the product environment and then on to the hospitality area for a closer inspection. The ceiling consisted of a large net filled with Satino Black packaging to enhance brand recognition. In the Future Lab, Wepa visualized how it uses waste flows as raw materials in its production process. Paper waste material was processed behind a glass wall to highlight the sustainable nature of the line.



Client BlackSatino (Wepa)

Location Amsterdam & Utrecht

ExhibitionInterclean & Facilitair

Size80 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution