BluePrint Automation.


The story

BluePrint Automation

Step into the world of packaging. Tausch created an exhibition concept for BluePrint Automation at the Interpack 2023 through Experience Marketing. BluePrint Automation has a worldwide reputation for their box and tray packaging solutions. We have joined forces with BluePrint Automation to engage visitors.



BluePrint Automation’s ‘Think into the box’ campaign has been executed to perfection. Striking cubes with images wrapped by BPA are displayed to visitors upon entry. There are countless products that visitors will recognize from their own industry and in the ‘videobox’ visitors can watch a film showing the added value of BPA for the visitors. In addition, snacks are served from a ‘box’, a nice nod to the ‘think into the box’ campaign.



We aim for an open, accessible exhibition stand. Our client wanted to create a warm atmosphere in the exhibition stand in addition to the cool brand color blue. Through lighting, use of wood and the use of accessible signing, the end result creates a warm atmosphere in the exhibition hall. With striking banners and a unique stand design, our stand stands out in the busy exhibition hall. From the moment visitors are welcomed, they are greeted with eye-catching banners and a unique stand design that sets them apart from the competition.



What was different was the way of finishing the plinth. We opted for a very refined finish for our client BluePrint Automation. In addition, the round, raised floor presented the necessary challenges. The customer was very happy with the sleek execution. The result is a sleek whole due to the MD plates that are mounted around the raised floor.



Client BluePrint Automation

Location Düsseldorf

Exhibition Interpack

Size 245 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution