De Meeuw.


The story

De Meeuw

De Meeuw specializes in modular construction and works on future-proof housing. The seagull is ready for the future in which construction is greener, cleaner, smarter and more circular.

Through experience marketing Tausch created a trade fair concept for De Meeuw at the Provada, from strategy to realization. What makes De Meeuw’s buildings so unique is the fact that they can be moved. We have incorporated this in the exhibition stand concept for Provada.



The purpose of the exhibition stand is to shake up municipalities about their solution to a housing shortage and to show the possibilities of De Meeuw in the field of future-proof housing on Provada. We do this by using a module / container as stopping power. This shows the versatility of De Meeuw’s housing solution. We want to position De Meeuw as a sustainable, relationship-oriented, flexible partner.



In the design we have used a warm, homely and at the same time professional look & feel as a basis. With warm materials and homely elements as decoration, we ensure that visitors get a warm home-feeling where they would like to stay for a longer period of time at the fair. What visitors should remember after the stand visit is that De Meeuw can completely unburden them.



In the realization process, we ensure that the design stands out from a distance by placing the hanging ‘container/module’ as the second floor above the stand. In addition, we have created many playful / seating areas to emphasize the homely feeling.



Client De Meeuw

Location Amsterdam

Exhibition Provada

Size 50 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution