Roadshow | Mobile Experience

The story


Our challenge: how can we share Elho’s story and present new products and innovations as close as possible to Elho’s customers? Elho roadshow it is! Let’s get the Elho story out there.

Personal contact is here to stay. Do you want to get an impression of this impressive mobile experience?




The aim was to inspire visitors and let them leave with the message that Elho is the most sustainable partner. In the concept, we emphasize innovation by clearly highlighting and segmenting the USPs of the new products. Sustainability forms the basis of the concept.



We create a mobile experience, a space that represents the story of Elho in which sustainability is central. The theme is based on a park – hidden garden – lifestyle. We have implemented the use of color from the Elho branding for the year 2022. In the design we present the products as heroes by showing the USPs and using a stimulating presentation. In the design, space is kept free for hospitality so that there is room to sit down with relations in a pleasant environment.



By placing a large interactive screen, we introduce visitors to the story of Elho in an interactive way.



Client Elho

Location Three months on the road through Europe

Partner Movico

Size 65 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution