The story


Tausch has been elho’s strategic partner for exhibitions, interiors, and events for many years now. At the Spoga + Gafa trade fair in Cologne 2022, elho presented inspiring new products and innovations such as the elho Rainbarrel Plus and the Ocean pots made from maritime waste such as fishing nets and ropes. In 2022 we also supported elho in telling their sustainability story at the stand.



We have created a spacious exhibition stand for elho that feels like a serene urban oasis that helps tell the story of elho’s sustainable products and innovations. These include the concept of ‘grow your own vegetables’, the Raibarrel Plus to collect rainwater, and ocean pots made from maritime waste such as fishing nets and ropes. Visitors experience the feeling of an urban city walk in the park: it’s like a walk in the park!



Elaborating on the ‘Ocean pots’, we have incorporated a wavy wall (as a wave) into the design, as a metaphor for the ocean, to which dozens of these ocean pots are attached. The stand will have many places for stories and presentations. We are going for a blast by looking for other ways of presenting with a surprising, but clear logic.



The green landscape of 750 m2 worked perfectly thanks to the streamlined collaboration between Tausch and elho. The synergy of market, design, decoration, and botanicals created a green paradise. The terrace was transformed into an elho garden and hospitality area and the smart modular design meant that many of the elements could be used at multiple locations.



Client Elho

Location Cologne

Exhibition Spoga+Gafa

Size 750 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution