The story


With an extensive, sustainable, innovative range of pots, elho injects a dose of nature into the lives of people all over the world, more than 30 million times a year. Tausch has been elho’s strategic partner for exhibitions, interiors, and events for many years now. At the Spoga + Gafa trade fair in Cologne, elho presented inspirational new ways to introduce more greenery into everyday life. Tausch created a sustainable exhibition concept for SPOGA and GAFA through Experience Marketing. From strategy to realization.



The goal was to inspire visitors to create a green and healthy living and working environment using the smart, efficient, and sustainable solutions developed by elho. The ultimate objective, however, was to become a consumer ‘love brand’ with a high degree of brand loyalty and a strong reputation.



As soon as they enter the elho world, visitors discover how nature can improve their well-being. A thoughtfully designed route gave visitors an interactive and personal experience and introduced them to the added value of elho. In the interactive brand newsroom, the elho design team inspired visitors by demonstrating how they translate today’s designs into the innovative products of tomorrow and inject more greenery into daily life.



The 900 m2 of greenery worked perfectly thanks to the streamlined collaboration between Tausch and elho. The synergy of market, design, decoration, and botanicals created a green paradise. The terrace was transformed into an elho garden and hospitality area and the smart modular design meant that many of the elements could be used at multiple locations.



Client Elho

Location Cologne

Exhibition Spoga+Gafa

Size 1.050 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution