Aluminium & BAU

The story


Euramax has been the leading supplier of premium coil coated aluminium for more than forty years. Their mission is to make the world a more colourful and more beautiful place. Euramax focused on architects at the BAU and Aluminium trade fairs and on caravan manufacturers at the Caravan Salon trade fair. Tausch created a trade fair concept for Aluminum & BAU for Euramax. From strategy to realization.



We wanted to present Euramax as a distinctive architectural design brand by creating an appealing concept for three trade fairs, geared towards two different target groups: architects and caravan manufacturers. In doing so, we wanted to highlight the existing Euramax materials and showcase their creative applications.



Tausch developed an elegant design concept that enhanced the Euramax experience for visitors. Euramax materials were incorporated into an accessible concept that invited visitors to step inside. In the heart of the room, visitors were encouraged to brainstorm about the use of colours and materials for architectural finishes.



We used pure white light to showcase the Euramax products. Clean white walls provided a lovely contrast to the colourful products and materials. The vibrant Euramax corporate style was reflected in the chosen materials and the printed floor with bright paint splatters. The large table invited visitors to exchange ideas and information with Euromax professionals. Specially-designed lampshades demonstrated the creative possibilities of Euromax aluminium.



Client Euramax

Location Düsseldorf & München

Exhibition Aluminium & BAU

Size 120 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution