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The story

Guardian Glass

After four years it was finally time for Glasstec, live in Dusseldorf. Extra special, because 2022 is the “International Year of Glass” dedicated to exploring the ways glass is helping us achieve a more equitable and sustainable world.

See what’s possible time for Guardian Glass to showcase innovative products and tell the brand story at Glasstec 2022.



During the exhibition customer identification, interaction and transformation are important and worldwide Guardian Glass Europe combines the best customer service with the best resources. For Tausch, there were a number of goals that we continuously kept in mind when designing and developing the exhibition stand:a strong translation of the brand story, a stepping stone for digital engagement by introducing the new portal and helping and guiding visitors through this digital transformation, interaction with customers, supported by digital storytelling. A concept with a sustainable background to integrate this into the brand story at the exhibition. But also the presentation of innovative solutions and applications.



A good brand exploration forms the basis of the look & feel of the exhibition. In the design you can see a clean and technical design. Looking at the use of color and the materials we have used in the concept, light, transparent materials are supplemented with wood and many digital touch points.



Glasstec proudly looks back on the trade fair participation at Glasstec 2022. We have received many compliments on the high-quality finish by team production and construction, especially when it comes to the displays. The challenge we had is that the reflection of the clouds in the displays was shown exactly as it was incorporated in the design. The customer was satisfied and we also think it was a great success!



Client Guardian Glass

Location Düsseldorf

Exhibition Glasstec

Size 362 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution