Guardian Glass.

Glasstec & BAU

The story

Guardian Glass

Guardian Glass is one of the largest manufacturers of float glass, coated glass, and fabricated glass products. The company inspired visitors at Glasstec by showcasing the endless possibilities of its current and future glass solutions.



We developed an environment that allows visitors to experience the current and future possibilities of glass in a physical and interactive way and encourages them to enter into a dialogue about the future of glass.



Tausch created a voyage of discovery taking in the innovative applications developed by Guardian Glass. The interactive, multi-sensory experience inspired visitors and opened up a world of possibilities. A special meeting area on the first floor gave visitors a VIP experience and strengthened the corporate identity of Guardian Glass.



During the exhibition, visitors could experience the unlimited possibilities of the future of glass: baked bread from a glass oven, a drink from a glass refrigerator and ice from a glass freezer. Visitors experienced the impressive sound-insulating properties of glass in a special glass box. Guardian Glass’s ultra-clear glass completely amazed visitors with its near-invisibility. The interactive touch screens provided customized information and a spectacular 360-degree video projection in a glass dome.



Client Guardian Glass

Location Dusseldorf & Munich

ExhibitionGlasstec & Bau

Size464 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution