The story


IsoBouw, expert in insulation in the Netherlands, wanted to create an environment for Isobouw at the Bouwbeurs 2023 that offers the opportunity to maintain existing relationships and contacts in an open stand with plenty of room for sustainability and circularity.

Tausch created a creative exhibition concept for Isobouw at the construction fair through experience marketing A stand with stopping power that feels accessible. And which emphasizes the high quality of Isobouw and their innovative image.



Isobouw is a leader in circularity. For years, they have had the goal of coming up with innovative insulation product solutions. Innovative products get a big stage in the exhibition stand. For example, Slimfort and Polyfort will have a prominent spot on the outer wall of the stand to make optimal use of all corners.



The large LED banner and the Slimfix roofing sheets on the building create a distinct visual marker that can be easily identified from a great distance, providing a clear representation of the construction. In addition, we showcase roof insulation panels that are easy to walk on by placing shoes on the roof panels to arouse the interest of visitors. To be able to tell the sustainability story, a corner has been set up in which Isobouw’s sustainability story is told by means of large, interactive screens after pressing the red button. Supporting the video, visitors see floating granulate in tubes going back into the production process.



In this floor stand, optimal use has been made of the exceptional height of the exhibition stand, by placing a round banner with an audiovisual projection. In addition, the height is used by showcasing a moving roof panel element in the air.



Client Isobouw

Location Utrecht

Beurs Bouwbeurs

Size 160 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution