The story


Lohia Corp (part of Lohia Group) is located in Kanpur, a city in Northern India. Lohia Group has been serving the textile and flexible packaging market for more than three decades. Lohia Corp is a manufacturer of machines for flexible plastic packaging solutions.

With this booth at K 2019, Lohia Corp aims to attract attention with technology and innovations. With speeds of 600 m/min, Lohia Corp sets new standards for the textile industry.



There was a live demonstration of the “Circular Loom – nova 12” machine. The machine will be launched for the first time in this show. It can make PP woven fabric used as: geotextile. The challenge for this exhibition was to create balancebetween the massive machine size and overall appeal of the booth. We have done this by including woven red threads (in the corporate identity color of Lohia Corp) in the concept on two floors.



The brand identity had to be prominent, visible from a distance and in 3D letters. The design style can be characterized as contemporary and futuristic.



Safety is top priority. The machine must be barricaded for the safety of visitors. A raised platform attracts the attention of visitors to the K fair. In the realization phase, we have reserved space for posters and brochures explaining the product specifications of the machines, which also serve as a reinforcement of the brand identity.



Client Lohia Corp

Location Düsseldorf

Exhibiton K 2019

Size 486 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution