Maxi-Cosi by Dorel.

Roadshow | Mobile Experience

The story


Dorel Juvenile is the world’s largest producer of baby and junior products. Maxi Cosi is part of Dorel and distributes products through retailers. That is why Maxi Cosi likes to present its products to retailers so that they can determine which products can be included in the assortment. Because this could not be presented for the first time in 2020 at a trade fair due to COVID-19, Tausch has created a unique mobile experience through Experience Marketing.



Create a striking, fun road truck experience. The purpose of the road truck is to tour the head offices of the various retailers to show category managers the products. An echo is simulated upon entering the truck. A baby’s heartbeat can be heard and a 2D can be seen on a screen. The doors open (the conceptual birth) to the next room and you step into the world of Maxi Cosi. Highlights of Maxi Cosi products are the 360° rotatable car seat technology and the ‘Titan Plus’ child seat. The multi-age car seat can be used for children from 9 months to 12 years old.



The design style that Maxi Cosi wanted to create is young, fresh, energetic and contemporary. A colourful, cheerful and friendly way of pastel shades is the design style that we have implemented in the road truck. The focus is on presenting different products to bring the products to the attention of the category managers in creative ways. Presentation stages, graphic elements, illustrations are alternated to ensure a playful experience.



Together with partner Movico, the impressive Dorel / Maxi Cosi road truck was created. The Maxi Cosi road truck was brought to the attention of more than 100 category managers in 2020 in a striking way, across 6 countries in 16 cities. From the Netherlands, to Germany, Austria, Belgium, from France to Spain.



Client Maxi-Cosi by Dorel

Location Europe

Partner Movico

Size 65 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution