The story


Orpic (now OQ) is one of the fastest growing companies in the Middle East oil industry. For Orpic, the K is the most important trade fair within the industry, where they wanted to present themselves as a new brand at the time. De K is thé exhibition for making contacts, telling the brand story and doing business. Tausch’s challenge is to make Orpic stand out on the K!



Orpic wants to be unique and entertain their visitors. A ‘closed box’ has been devised to create a mysterious effect and to make visitors curious to take a look at the stand. Step into the world of Orpic! An enormous image tunnel, consisting of 95(!) displays, has been devised to make the stand stand out even more. Once you have this image tunnel in sight as a visitor, you are drawn in by dynamic movements. And that’s where the experience begins: with a sensational mix of AV techniques, visitors were immersed in the world of plastics. A stand that is impossible to miss and immediately brought visitors into the right atmosphere.



During the design phase, Tausch created a mysterious system of corridors with surprising shapes and angles to arouse the curiosity of the visitors. Interactive touchscreens allowed visitors to retrieve industry-specific information and inspiration. Easy, fast and customised. The visuals on the interactive screens are striking. For that reason, the rest of the design has been kept clean, in line with the brand.



Our partner First Impression is a specialist in audiovisual technology and experience. Light, image, sound, smell and digital communication with a twist. Together we created an optimal experience, a wow factor!



Client Orpic
Location Dusseldorf
Exhibiton K 2019
Size 135 m2
Partner First Impression
Photography Jules van Iperen
Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution