BAU, Polyclose, Batimat & VETECO

The story


Reynaers Aluminium develops and sells innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain walls, sliding systems, sun shades, and conservatories. At the Polyclose trade fair in Ghent, Reynaers Aluminium presented its latest innovations and invested in its business-to-business relationship with current and potential clients, such as designers, architects, investors, and contractors.

Tausch created a trade fair concept for BAU, Polyclose, Batimat and Veteco by means of Experience Marketing.



We wanted to build a stable, safe, and modern construction as the optimum carrier for the solutions developed by Reynaers Aluminium and to create a homey feeling for visitors. We also wanted to create a welcoming hospitality area in which to pamper guests. The concept had to be applicable in different formats and at different trade fairs. The concept had to be applicable in different formats and at different trade fairs.



With this design, Tausch focused on the use of Reynaers products in homes and buildings. Visitors could stroll down a street and experience what Reynaers products looked like in real-life environments. A large and open hospitality area with a bar inside the stand offered plenty of opportunities to network and to experience true Belgian hospitality. The concept was built around a steel framework to ensure the safety and sustainability of the products.



Specific knowledge of materials and applications formed the basis of this concept. The underlying steel construction, surrounded by wooden panels and high-quality canvas, gave the impression of a seamless work of art. The faux wood flooring lent the stand a warm, cosy feeling. The gallery-effect with tall, white walls and subtle lighting gave visitors the opportunity to experience the solutions developed by Reynaers Aluminium in real life.

We created a modern and safe environment with a modular design that can be implemented at various trade fairs, regardless of location or surface.



Client Reynaers Aluminium

Locatie Munich, Ghent, Paris & Madrid

Beurs Bau, Polyclose, Batimat & Veteco

Size 230 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution