Royal Kaak.


The story

Royal Kaak

Royal Kaak:
The supplier for bakeries worldwide 🌾🥖
175 years of expertise awarded royally, with a sustainable vision:
Food without footprint! And all that from silo to truck. A powerful statement that Tausch has integrated for Royal Kaak into a creative trade fair concept at the IBA 2023 in Munich. Based on this sustainable idea, Royal Kaak, unlike many competitors, chooses not to demonstrate machines at the fair. So sustainable!



Among the crowd of machines at the IBA, we leave the Royal Kaak exhibition stand stand out as a green oasis reflecting their commitment to a sustainable future. Food without a footprint. From silo to truck. This message is processed throughout the stand, including on the floor, we run these “lines” from silo to truck. The stand we designed revolves around the concept of circularity, spread over four spaces. The center is our hospitality zone, where conviviality is central. Around this, in a circular layout, you will find the meeting points and the solutions area, aimed at offering experience. No machines, but a lot of interactivity through large LED screens.



In the design we make Royal Kaak’s corporate identity appear very powerful. Extensive use is made of plants to give even more substance to the sustainable character. We opted for an innovative design and made choices that fit the Royal Kaak brand and the way they want to guide visitors through the stand.



The focus on interactivity and sustainability required careful planning, especially since we chose not to use a raised floor. This required us to set up a complex infrastructure for water and electricity, which posed technical challenges. Particularly due to the high level of AV, the innovative stand made a powerful statement at the IBA.



Client Royal Kaak

Location München

Exhibition IBA

Surface 800 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution