The story


Shibaura Machine is one of the first companies in the world to establish mechatronics-oriented manufacturing systems.

To continuously contribute to maximizing added value for customers, Shibaura Machine wants to offer the ultimate product experience at the K-show 2022.



The radiant center of the exhibition stand is formed by the gigantic Shibaura machines. In the concept we provide sufficient space around the machines to simultaneously give demonstrations to groups of visitors and to regulate the flow on the exhibition floor.



The design is formed by a mix of the striking blue house style color of Shibaura, informative illustrations about the sales & service distributors in Europe and Africa and informative content on the large screens to offer visitors the optimal product and brand experience. The stand is an eye-catcher from a great distance due to the immense height of the white pillars above the exhibition stand. The greatness of Shibaura.



The challenge for Shibaura’s exhibition stand was mainly in the electrical for the machines and TV screens. In addition, the immense height of the 6 meter high pillars was a technical challenge as a solid construction, which forms a dome over the entire exhibition stand. It must be proportionally correct.



Klant Shibaura

Location Dusseldof

Exhibition K-Show

Size 209 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution