The story


Spa has offered the most delicious and officially recognized natural mineral water for more than 125 years. Products include Spa Reine, Spa Bruisend, and Spa Fruit. Spa made its début in the trade fair world in celebration of its 125-year anniversary.

Tausch created a trade fair concept for Spa at the Horecava through Experience Marketing. From concept to realization.



The goal was to increase brand preference and brand loyalty among restaurateurs in the hospitality sector, to convince them of the added value of Spa, and to demonstrate that serving the best water makes a real difference in the taste experience of guests.



We designed an open and accessible all-in concept with a thoughtful floor plan that encouraged visitors to discover the added value of Spa through a water-tasting experience. This concept was based on the Watermeesters (water masters) campaign and developed in close collaboration with the marketing communications firm FLAIM. It consisted of three pillars: the programme, the academy, and the tasting session. The open-plan terrace area was designed to build and strengthen the bond with customers. Communication focused explicitly on the combination of product and user.



A water tasting with a waterfall of surprising flavours introduced visitors to Spa. The Watermeesters campaign revealed that water has a taste-enhancing effect. After the tasting session, Spa welcomed visitors on its lively, accessible, and attractive terrace. To emphasize the sustainable nature of Spa, one of the walls were covered in natural moss. A smart and innovative logistics solution kept all bars continuously stocked with new Spa water and Spa glasses.



Client Spa

Location Amsterdam

Beurs Horecava

Size 80 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution