The story


Sweco is Europe’s largest architectural and engineering consultancy and designs and develops the sustainable societies and cities of the future.

Together with customers and the knowledge of 17,500 architects, engineers and consultants, they create smart solutions for the urban area. With an eye for the accelerating power of digitization and the perspective of a green and more sustainable society.



Together with Sweco, we wanted to createan exhibition stand that arouses curiosity among visitors. The text ‘Do you dare?’ above the closed door invites visitors to take a look behind these closed doors. In this room Sweco can have a ‘one-on-one’ discussion with the visitors about six important social issues. We create a personal moment with a personal approach.



The atmosphere style is industrial and tough in combination with a warm type of wood. SWECO corporate identity images are the most important factor in the design. In the design, the biggest challenge was to process the size of a separate space in the number of square meters, given the compact size of the stand.



SWECO preferred a separate area within the stand. During the realization phase, there was an unpleasant surprise: the daylight made the room too bright. We provided an alternative on the spot that ensured that the room with TV screens had an optimal ‘cinema effect’ in a dark room.



Client SWECO

Location Amsterdam

Exhibition Provada

Size 20 m2

Strategy, concept, design, engineering, project management, graphic design, production, execution